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The GTRC’s innovative teaching technologies include:

Multiple motion capture systems

GTRC staff use a nine-camera, Qualisys 3D optical motion capture system or an eight-sensor, 3D electromagnetic motion capture system to hone in on patterns of movement that may affect a golfer's game.

3D Doppler radar ball flight monitor

The GTRC’s ball flight monitors (TrackMan & FlightScope) can calculate and provide visual representation of each shot’s trajectory and total distance. This helps staff measure ball flight characteristics (launch angle, spin, speed, etc.) and club movement (face, path, speed, vertical and horizontal angle of attack, etc.) through the impact zone.

Multiple-camera 2D video capture system

Staff examine a swing using multiple 2D video cameras.

Indoor putting green

The GTRC includes 11 holes used for putting at lengths up to thirty feet, in addition to more than 50 different Scotty Cameron, Nike, STX and TaylorMade putters with varying specifications.

Golf club bending machines

Staff provide dynamic putting and swing analysis to determine a golfer’s proper putter/club length, lie, loft, head style, and more. They can alter the specifications of a golfer’s personal putter/club or recommend a new one based on the analysis results.

Putter fitting

Staff use a dynamic putter fitting system to determine the proper putter length, lie, loft, head style, etc., to help maximize a golfer's short game performance.

Golf-specific fitness and training equipment

The GTRC has numerous pieces of fitness and training equipment that can be used for golf-specific movements and exercises. The equipment includes medicine balls, stretching poles, stability balls, bands, TRX suspension trainers, free weights, and more.