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Are tattoos taboo in the work place? Photo of tattooe hand preparing food.

Through innovative research projects, world-class faculty members and students in Penn State’s School of Hospitality Management (SHM) explore the broad and deep factors affecting consumer behavior and the delivery of services, including the psycho-economical influences on food service decisions, workplace culture and inclusion, best practices in marketing and management — and much more.

Having earned a superior global reputation among peer scholars, SHM produces applied research outcomes that are put to use every day outside of academia in real-world service and hospitality settings.

Key current research projects include Dr. Anna Matilla’s examination of popular pricing and price framing techniques in the hospitality industry; Dr. Amit Sharma’s in-depth look at the cost-benefits of food decisions and the economics of the hospitality and tourism industries; Dr. Peter Bordi’s cancer recovery drink development work; and Dr. Michael Tews recent research on tattoos in the hospitality work place.