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General Notes

  1. To study in the Department of Kinesiology you have to apply to the Graduate School at Penn State. You apply online at the following web site
  2. There is a fee for applying. To find the current non-refundable application fee go the following web site, When you have completed your application and after all sections are completed and all materials have been uploaded, you should click on “submit application”, answer a few questions, and then choose how you would like to pay.
  3. Submission of copies of official transcripts/documents (for institutions outside the U.S. documents may include marksheets, record of courses, degree/study certificate, original diploma, etc.) from all post-secondary institutions attended and official English translation if the language of instruction is not English);
  4. If admission is offered and accepted, receipt by the Graduate School of official transcripts (or international equivalent as stated above) from all post-secondary institutions attended, together with an official English translation of all official documents if the language of instruction was not English.
  5. There are program specific parts of the on-line application. These are:
    • Graduate Record Examination (GRE), general test scores: Please have ETS send your scores to "Penn State".
    • Three (3) letters of recommendation for those applying to study for a Ph.D., and two (2) for those applying to study for a masters degree. These recommendations should come from academic referees. Upon your submission of your referees contact information they will be sent an email from the Penn State Graduate School, requesting they complete an online recommendation letter.
    • Statement of your background and professional goals, including your specific research interests.
    • The name(s) of any faculty member(s) you are interested in working with. Our program is mentor-based so faculty members are instrumental in admissions decisions. Applications will be routed directly to all faculty members who are noted by applicants; there is no guarantee that individual faculty members will review applications in which they are not mentioned as prospective mentors. Applicants should be selective in identifying possible faculty mentors because conveying a lack of scholarly focus or purpose can adversely influence the odds of admission.
  6. Only completed applications will be reviewed.
  7. Questions regarding the application process for the Kinesiology Graduate Program may be directed to
  8. After you have been offered admission by the Penn State Graduate School, you will be contacted by the Directorate of International Student Advising (DISA) regarding what is needed so that you can be cleared to register for classes and if needed, issued an I-20 or DS-2019. During peak periods (March-June) it may take four weeks for DISA to review your file and clear you to register/issue your I-20 or DS-2019. For more information, see the DISA website:

Notes for International Applicants

  1. All international applicants whose first language is not English or who have not received a baccalaureate from an institute in which the language of the instruction is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The department requires students to submit TOEFL scores even when having a degree from an English speaking institution. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Scores: Please have ETS send your scores to "Penn State".
  2. A minimum score of 650 (paper) is required if you would like to receive a Teaching Assistantship from the Department of Kinesiology. This score is equivalent to 280 computer based; or a score of 23 on speaking section and 114 total on iBT exam.
  3. The Department will make a decision concerning your admission into its program. If applicable, you will be sent an offer letter and information concerning an assistantship. This information will also be forwarded to the Graduate School and the University Office of Global Programs (UOGP).
  4. After the Graduate School has reviewed your eligibility, approved and processed the offer they will automatically notify the University Office of Global Programs (UOGP) for action to commence the visa paperwork process.
  5. University Office of Global Programs (UOGP) will contact you if more information is needed. UOGP will issue your visa related documents.

Note to applicants

The Graduate School will make the final admission decision.