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The Department of Kinesiology research laboratories are comprised of the Biomechanics Laboratory and Noll Laboratory as well as several individual laboratories in which faculty work to accomplish their research goals.

Biomechanics Laboratory

The Biomechanics Laboratory hosts a broad array of research foci that encompass several sub-domains of the discipline. The laboratory provides resources for resident investigators and several more affiliated researchers. Major thrusts include the application of biomechanical principles to motor control and neurological problems, understanding how muscle properties dictate the coordination of movement, exploring the mechanical behavior of musculoskeletal structures at the tissue level, and exploring innovative solutions to orthopaedic problems. The Biomechanics Laboratory includes the labs of the following faculty members:

Noll Laboratory

Noll Laboratory is a research facility in the Department of Kinesiology that is dedicated to studying physiology, especially as it relates to health and disease. A primary mission of the Noll Lab is to investigate specific physiological mechanisms underlying the positive health effects of physical activity and the adverse health effects of physical inactivity, with the ultimate goal of improving human health across the lifespan. Noll Laboratory includes the research labs of the following faculty members:

  • Mary Jane De Souza and Nancy Williams - Women’s Health and Exercise Laboratory — 109 Noll Laboratory
  • Lacy Alexander - Microvascular Research Laboratory — 204, 205, 118, 224, 224A Noll Laboratory; 118 Elmore Wing
  • W. Larry Kenney - Human Thermoregulation Laboratory — 224, 224A, 228-229 Noll Laboratory; 118 Elmore Wing
  • Donna H. Korzick - Cellular Cardiovascular Function Laboratory — 225 Noll Laboratory
  • Gustavo Nader - 118, 120, and 2 Noll Laboratory
  • James A. Pawelcyzk - Autonomic Neurophysiology Laboratory — 227 Noll Laboratory
  • David N. Proctor - Vascular Aging and Exercise Laboratory — 202 Noll Laboratory

Faculty Research Laboratories

The Department of Kinesiology is the research home for a number of faculty members who study a variety of issues related to the science of human movement. The research has a wide domain including athletic training, motor control, and psychology of physical activity. These labs include: