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The Joe Humphreys Fly Fishing Program continues to develop curriculums to help our students achieve the following goals/objectives beyond the classroom.

Goals and Objectives

Use fly fishing as a tool to break down racial, socioeconomic, and cultural differences to help build a stronger and more unified community.  

Fly fishing communities are similar to university alumni associations, where members of each group look out for and support members of their own community. Fly fishing is one activity that normally unites instead of separating groups. By the simple act of introducing underrepresented groups to the wonderful world of fly fishing, we hope to create a collaborative culture of fly fishers.  

For all our students to develop a lifelong pursuit.  

Although we hope many of our students continue to pursue fly fishing after graduation, the real purpose of the Joe Humphreys Fly Fishing Program is exposing our students to one of countless outdoor leisure pursuits. As 93 year old Joe Humphreys continues to say, “the secret to life is having something to look forward to.” The basic fly tying and fly fishing skills each students learns with our fly fishing program will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. 

Allow the act of fly fishing to organically create the next generation of stewards and conservationist.  

Fly fishers are major stockholders of our natural resources and public lands. All fly fishers have a vested interested in preserving and protection natural resources and clean water. The greater our angling community becomes-the stronger our efforts will be towards to protecting vital resources. 

Create outreach initiatives for staying connected to alumni and friends of the Joe Humphreys Fly Fishing Program.  

Virtual and in-person fly fishing events, along with social media platforms will occur to stay connected with our fly fishing community.