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Independent Study, KINES 296 and 496

Independent Study is offered through KINES 296 for first- and second-year students, and KINES 496 for juniors and seniors. It is intended for students to undertake creative projects on topics not already covered in standard courses. KINES 296 and 496 are also used for students who will be a teaching assistant in a course(s).

Student’s individual work must be supervised by a faculty member. Student’s are responsible for finding a Kinesiology faculty member willing to serve as the instructor. Students complete the appropriate form with the instructor.

Required Documentation:

Students wishing to pursue independent study must complete the appropriate form below:


The independent study course should be added no later than the drop/add period for the semester of enrollment. Otherwise, a late add fee will be incurred.

Completed forms can be returned to Lynne Bechdel, Administrative Support Assistant for Undergraduate Student Services,, 270 Recreation Building.