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Offering degrees in both Athletic Training and Kinesiology — with rigorous yet flexible curriculum options that vary by campus — Penn State’s Honor Study program in Kinesiology examines the complex physiological, biomechanical, and psychological mechanisms underlying the science of physical activity and exercise. By taking advantage of many unique hands-on learning and research opportunities, you will gain important research experiences and develop critical thinking skills to become well positioned for either advanced study in a master’s or doctoral program of study or be well prepared for advanced careers or programs of study in either physical or occupational therapy, allied health, athletic training, fitness, wellness, and other related fields.

Students in the Schreyer Honors College are, first and foremost, Penn State students and experience everything this great University offers.


As a student in the Schreyer Honors College, you will be empowered to make the most of your college years. There are distinct opportunities afforded to Schreyer Scholars, including academic enrichment — such as honors courses, exclusive study abroad programs, and research placements — dedicated honors housing, and the distinction of graduating with honors from Penn State.

Earning a degree in Athletic Training or Kinesiology from the Schreyer Honors College will allow you to realize the fullest potential of your academic skills, creativity, determination, and innovation, opening doors to limitless graduate school and career opportunities.

Can I do this? I’m scared about writing a thesis.

Yes. Most of us are scared to do something new and a thesis is a big (but rewarding) challenge. We’ll help you identify your interests early on in the program and help you identify a thesis supervisor. You will take small classes in research methods and developmental theory to help you build a strong foundation of knowledge before you start your thesis. And the rewards of completing a thesis are big. The skills and knowledge that you develop during the thesis process — critical thinking skills, analytic skills, strong writing skills, experience working with a thesis supervisor, and experience breaking a large task into manageable pieces — will help you in whatever career you choose.

Is the Honors College just for students who want to go into research?

No. The Honors College will give you a terrific head start on a career in any number of fields. The main benefits of the Honors College are help thinking about your career path and how to achieve your goals, access to many opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge, advanced skills, and practical experience, closer contact with the faculty through small classes, a thesis, and individualized advising. You can design a plan for how you want to achieve your goals whatever they are and participating in the Honors College will provide you with extra tools and opportunities to get there.

Can I still do an internship?

Yes. We strongly encourage honors students to get real-world experience through volunteering in the community, acting as teaching assistants, working in research labs, and doing internships. Most honors students have more than one real-world experience during their time in the Honors College.

Can I study abroad and still be in the Honors College?

Yes. The Schreyer Honors College strongly encourages study abroad, and so do we. We have set up the honors curriculum so that you can study abroad and still be well-prepared for your thesis.

I see a lot of extra requirements. Will I still graduate on time?

Yes. The Honors College requirements replace some of the typical requirements for your major. In fact, because of the flexibility the Honors College provides and the fact that many honors students have AP credits and occasionally take more than 15 credits per semester, some honors students actually graduate a semester early.


To learn more about the Schreyer Honors College or completing honors studies in Athletic Training or Kinesiology, contact:

The Schreyer Honors College

Atherton Hall

(814) 863-2635