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The Sport Studies Minor is a broad, interdisciplinary, intercollege educational program devoted to the critical exploration of sport in society.  Coursework for the program includes diverse methodological, theoretical, historical, philosophical, ethical, political, legal and business perspectives.

Requirements for Admission to the Minor

A minor can be declared after you attain third-semester classification or after you have been accepted into a major.

Have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00

Minors can be declared using LionPath, Update Academics.

Requirements for the Minor

Total of 18 credits required. Of the 18, 12 are elective.

Courses are listed in the University Bulletin

Additional Information

Some Kinesiology courses have enrollment controls. If you have declared Sport Studies as a minor and cannot enroll in a necessary course, please contact Jessica (Jaime) Schultz, Sport Studies Minor Coordinator.