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  • How do I find out the name of my adviser?

    You can check the Adviser Information on LionPATH.

  • How can I contact my advisor?

    You may contact your advisor by email, appointment, drop-in hours, or phone.  You can find your advisor's email address on LionPATH and on your degree audit.

    By phone: When leaving a message, please leave your name, phone number, and a detailed message.  Please talk slowly and clearly.

    By appointment or drop-in: see the FAQ’s listed below.  

    By email: please attach your current degree audit for your intended Athletic Training or Kinesiology major/option for a thorough answer and expedited response.

    Important email requirements, tips, and etiquette:

    • Use your email account.  If you like using your personal email account, then have your email from your account forwarded to your personal email account.
    • Check your email daily
    • Scan your email for pertinent information pertaining to you before deleting a potentially vital email
    • READ the weekly Advising Reminders and Announcements from your advisor
    • Get into the habit of attaching your Kinesiology (option-specific) degree audit with your email to your advisor.  It will help in getting a thorough and expedited response from your advisor.
    • Expect a response within 24-48 hours (longer if over the weekend or during peak advising times)
    • Emails are not answered in the evening hours nor on weekends.  
    • Use a greeting when writing to faculty, advisors, and staff, such as “Dear Mrs. Myers” or “Hello Dr. Ricketts”
    • Use a closing
    • Use your full name
    • When emailing faculty, advisors, and staff do not us texting abbreviations and slang typically used with friends
    • Use a clear subject line on the specific topic or question
    • Not all questions can be answered via email.  If you have a more involved question, please utilize drop-in hours or schedule an appointment.
    • Before clicking “send” read your email for grammatical errors, content, and tone
    • Before clicking “send” be sure you have your Kinesiology degree audit attached and any other documents attached if needed pertaining to your email
    • Email only one advisor.  Do not send the same question to each advisor as this creates confusion and double work.
  • How do I schedule an appointment with an adviser?

    For current Penn State students located at University Park pursuing the Kinesiology Major - Use the online appointment system.

    For current Penn State students located at University Park pursuing the Kinesiology Minor – Utilize drop-ins or email.

    For current Penn State students located at a campus other than University Park - Arrange an advising appointment with your current campus adviser, even if you plan to relocate to University Park next semester. You can look up your adviser's contact information on eLion.

    For current high school students or prospective transfer students -Please call the Kinesiology Advising Center at 814-863-4493. If possible, please allow a one to two week notice for appointment requests.

  • When should I schedule an appointment with my advisor to discuss my scheduling questions for next semester?

    Generally speaking plan to schedule an appointment with your advisor approximately 3-4 weeks prior to your registration date.

    You can locate your registration date on your LionPATH Home page. 

  • When are Drop-ins available for advising?


    Drop-ins are offered throughout the week in the advising center and are good for quick questions that can be answered in 10 minutes or less.

    • Vary from week to week and are updated every Monday morning.
    • If you have a laptop or tablet, please bring this with you to view your LionPath information. (Cellphones are not appropriate for Advising Drop-In purposes.)
    • Appropriate topics for a 10 minute Drop-In session may include the following:
    1. General Education information
    2. Dropping or adding a course
    3. Scheduling or registration information


    The Kinesiology Advising Center is located in room 270 Recreation Building (Rec Hall).  

  • I have left/sent my advisor a message (by phone or email), how long should I wait to receive a reply?

    Expect a response in 24-48 hours (longer if over the weekend or during peak advising times).  Emails are not answered in the evening hours nor on weekends.

  • What do I do when the course I want is full?

    1. Use the waitlist, if available, on LionPath.

    2. Keep checking the Class Search for openings or to see if a new section has been added.

    3. Call or email the Department offering the course to inquire if more sections will be added.  Department contact information can be found on  

    4. Schedule a course that would be a good alternative. (Be sure to review your course selection with your adviser.)

    5. For more information, please visit 


  • How do I transfer a course from another college and/or university to Penn State?

    Details about the process for transferring courses can be found on the Kines Advising Center Guide for Taking Transferring Courses from other Institutions.


  • What is a Academic Requirements Report/Degree Audit?

    The Penn State Academic Requirements/Degree Audit Report is a computer-generated report that matches the degree requirements of an undergraduate degree program with a student's course work taken. The report identifies those graduation requirements completed as well as those requirements needing completion prior to graduation. The purpose of the report is to track students’ progress towards degree completion and assist in academic planning and appropriate course scheduling each semester. Students can obtain a report of their current major or for other majors to explore.  This report can be obtained from LionPath under Academics>Panning&Degree Progress>Academic Requirements.  If you are a pre-major, select "What-If Report" and select the appriopriate boxes for your intended major.

  • What do I do when I want to have an adviser look at my schedule to make sure I’m on target to graduate?

    All students should complete a Graduation Plan.  Your advisor can give you the tools needed to help you get started.  Expect to complete your Graduation Plan as homework.  Once completed, submit to your advisor for review, feedback, and approval.  Once you have a completed and approved graduation plan,  your scheduling of courses and knowledge of whether you are on track or not becomes clear.  If you deviate from your approved Graduation Plan for whatever reason, please make an appointment with your assigned advisor to go over revisions.

  • What do I do if I have a form for my advisor to review and sign?

    Your advisor will need time to review and approve any form before signing.  Allow 2 to 3 business days for your advisor to do this.  Do not come the day the form is due and expect the advisor to quickly sign it.  When having a form that requires your advisor’s signature, make sure you have a current Kinesiology or AT degree audit attached with the form and either meet with your advisor regarding the form, or email both to your advisor with an explanation or place it in your advisor’s mailbox located in 270 Rec Hall.  Your advisor will need time to review and approve the information, and allow approximately two to three business days for return.  Additional time may be needed during peak advising periods. 

  • What are the criteria requirements to enter into the Kinesiology major and how can I change my major to Kinesiology?

    You are eligible for the Kinesiology major if you have earned a minimum of 29.1 credits and a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA.  Students can request entrance into the major, in LionPath, after the stated criteria are met and if they have researched the major to be a good fit for them.  In LionPath, go to your Student Center, in the pull down menu select Update Academics and follow the instructions.

  • How and when do I apply for graduation?

    The activation period to apply for graduation is generally a week before classes start and extends approximately three weeks into the semester.  Students may apply for graduation in LionPath under My Academics>Apply for Graduation.

  • What if I want to “walk” in the commencement ceremony?

    Your request to "walk" in the ceremony will typically be approved if you have less than 8 credits  or 2 classes left to complete your degree requirements.  Please understand that an approval to "walk" in the ceremony is merely an approval to attend the ceremony. Your name will not be in the commencement program until the semester in which you activate your intent and complete all your degree requirements.  Please see an adviser to complete a "Request for Permission to Participate" form.

  • Where and when are commencement ceremonies?

    Commencement dates, times and locations are broken down per semester.  Please verify the semester to find the College of HHD’s ceremony schedule.

  • Are there any scholarships available through the Kinesiology Department and what are the requirements?

    Funds are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, financial need, school/community activities, leadership positions, and/or work experience. The Department of Kinesiology offers scholarships/awards for undergraduates and in some cases require enrollment in a specific option.


    Other resources for scholarship information:


  • Are there other students I can talk with to help clarify my education and career objectives?

    The Department of Kinesiology supports the Student Peer Mentor Program, which is designed to introduce new students to the Department of Kinesiology and campus life at University Park.  The mentors provide support and answers in an effort to help new students feel more at home.


  • Are there any organizations that help promote camaraderie with other undergraduate students?

    The Kinesiology Department endorses several organizations that promote friendship and opportunities to provide support to the students in enhancing their educational experiences. 


  • Where can I find more information about student aid?

    Please contact the Office of Student Aid with your questions regarding eligibility for aid and other questions pertaining to financial aid. Each student's particular financial circumstance is slightly different, and you will best be served by the experts in the Office of Student Aid.

    In addition, the Bursar's office has Tuition Cost Calculators along with College Cost Calculator that will help you in determining the cost of your education plus expenses such as room and board.

  • What is an independent study?

    Independent study is an educational opportunity between you and a Kinesiology faculty member for the purpose of working on a special project or research study for credit.  Credit for the experience can be earned as Kines 296 or 496, and for 1-18 credits.  Whether the experience is going to be for Kines 296 or Kines 496, and for how many credits, is at the discretion of the faculty member.  1 credit is equal to approximately 40 hours.

    There is an Independent Study Proposal form you must complete in order to start the process.  Forms are available in 275 Rec Hall.

    The faculty member will assist you with the form and proposal that you must attach to the form. 

    Like all courses, if the credit is added after the drop/add period, a $6 late-add fee will be billed to your student account.  The deadline to late-add credit is the last day of classes for the semester in which the independent study experience takes place.