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Course Description:

KINES 395B (1 credit) is a required course for students in the Movement Science and Fitness Studies Option of the Kinesiology curriculum. It is the second of the three practicum courses completed under the supervision, but not limited to a fitness instructor, strength and conditioning coach, wellness director, physical therapist, chiropractor, medical physician, sports marketing director, or a faculty mentor. This course allows each student the opportunity to receive an introduction to hands-on experience within the health, wellness, research setting or medical profession.

Pre “KINES 395B” Procedures:

All arrangements should be completed the semester prior to the start of the internship. It is the responsibility of the student to make the initial contact with the agency or organization to inquire about the possibility of being accepted to complete leadership/volunteer hours. Each student is responsible for arranging an interview if distance permits. If this is not possible, the student must contact the organization via phone or email to discuss with the on-site supervisor the expectations of the organization and the conditions of the internship.

It is important that the organization understand that it is under no obligation to accept students or keep them on if serious problems arise during the time contracted. Also, the student will have no obligation to complete the practicum at their designated location if the situation is not a positive learning experience. It is expected that the student will assume the responsibility for his/her actions.

Course Practicum Leadership Hour Requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 45 hours in a hands on experience within the field of fitness, wellness, allied medicine, sports management or within a research setting.
  • I suggest that you begin securing an internship site the semester prior to course enrollment due to the volume of students that are scheduled for KINES 395B & KINES 495B. This will allow you to be more selective on a specific site and/or discipline.
  • All hours must be completed during the semester in which you are enrolled in the course. You will not be allowed to count hours from a previous course and/or time frame. (i.e. If you completed hours at a site in the summer and wish to count them for a future semester, this will not be accepted and/or granted.)
  • Search for sites via our KINES web pages (within KINES 495B) tab entitled “Internship Sites/Locations”, complete your own online searching of locations and sites or complete your hours with a Kinesiology faculty member in their research lab. Reminder: some sites require background checks, TB shots, etc. I suggest that you find out what you need and also ask if it is at the cost of the student or the facility. Answers to these questions will vary.

Each KINES 395B student is required to complete the following during the semester in which you are enrolled in the course:

  1. After securing a practicum site, set up a meeting with your on-site supervisor to go over leadership expectations and goals. Complete hard copy Goal Paper assignment posted on CANVAS within KINES 395B. Then, submit the “Qualtrics” Goal Paper via the hyperlink posted on CANVAS within KINES 395B.
  2. Keep a journal of daily activities, which should also include a self-evaluation of performance. This one-credit KINES 395B course requires a minimum of 45 hours of gainful leadership and observation over the length of the semester in which you are enrolled for the course. This information can then be discussed during course assignment “Practicum Research Paper & Log Summary Sheet”. Course project is then submitted via CANVAS.
  3. Each student is required to complete and submit all course assignments posted on CANVAS by course project due dates and times.
  4. Fulfill all course responsibilities to the best of their ability. Absences for personal reasons and emergencies are honored if the student addresses the concern with both the course instructor and on-site supervisor.

All questions concerning the conditions of the practicum should be directed to the faculty instructor for your course section of KINES 395B.

NOTE: I suggest that each student begin to secure a site several weeks prior to the start of the semester in which you are enrolling in the course. If you wait until the start of next semester, internship sites may become full based on your professional choice of career placement.