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Program Costs

Information related to tuition, and applicable student fees can be found at: Students are encouraged to use the Tuition and College Cost Estimator ( for an approximate gauge of expense associated with the Athletic Training major at Penn State. In addition to these University costs, students in the major are also subject to program-specific fees tied to course, and clinical education experiences.

A current breakdown for course-lab fees are provided below:

  • KINES 135 = $15.00
  • KINES 202 = $38.00
  • KINES 231 = $26.00
  • KINES 232 = $35.00
  • KINES 233 = $57.00
  • KINES 334 = $4.00
  • KINES 335 = $4.00
  • KINES 336 = $16.00
  • KINES 436 = $12.00

Additional variable costs for clinical education experiences, which account for mandatory background, and medical clearances, student professional liability insurance, professional association fees, attire, and possible transportation necessities are estimated to range between $600.00 - $800.00 over the total course of enrollment in the major.  Other variable expenses tied to sitting for the BOC for the Athletic Trainer national exam, and non-compulsory extracurricular professional development opportunities can be found by respectively visiting the BOC for the Athletic Trainer website, and related sources (e.g. NATA Convention, EATA Convention, and PATS Convention).