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Decisions Research Laboratory, investigating Economic Influences on Food Service Decisions Behavior.

Food Decisions Research Laboratory (FDRL) is a collaborative capacity committed to conducting empirical research in behavioral economic analysis and evaluate cost-benefits of choices and decisions associated with food away from home and food service environments. Currently funded projects include: USDA Farm to School project; USDA Economic Research Service Menu planning in schools.

The FDRL engages in creating controlled experiments involving decisions, and modifying ‘real environments’ where choices are made. Individuals are the focus of these experiments, whether they are consumers, or employees in establishments in the food service supply chain, from Farm to Fork.

The Laboratory includes affiliate faculty and students from multidisciplinary perspectives such as finance and economics, psychology, nutrition, food science, engineering, consumer behavior, information science and technology, and others.

In addition to conducting experimental research, the Lab also provides a collaborative environment for faculty, and graduate and undergraduate students to share ideas, and explore research projects.

Appointment Type
Accepting Graduate Students?
Professor of Hospitality Management
Associate Director & Professor-in-Charge of Undergraduate Programs, SHM
Director, Food Decisions Research Laboratory
Affiliate Faculty, Teaching and Learning with Technology
Affiliate Faculty, Rock Ethics Institute
President, iAHFME
  • Hospitality Management - HM/SHM