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Conference Rooms

The Department has two conference rooms equipped with technical capabilities and other non-technical equipped meeting spaces that are strategically located throughout the facilities.

29D Recreation Building

This room is suitable for small groups from about six people in a table-top discussion, up to about fifteen people in a small lecture. There is a ten-foot projection screen and a dedicated computer with wireless keyboard and gyro mouse. A 1000 lumen SVGA projector, twenty-five-inch television and VCR are also available.

To reserve this room, please contact Shari Grassi.

146 and 276 Recreation Building

These rooms are not technically equipped. Both 146 and 276 are suitable for approximately ten people in a table-top discussion. To reserve 146 or 276 Recreation Building please contact Shari Grassi.

127 Noll Laboratory

This room is suitable for medium-sized groups of up to twenty-five people in table-top meetings or up to sixty people in a small seminar or lecture format. This is a high-tech room with the capabilities for video conferencing, computer presentations, audio conferences, and full A/V presentations. To see all of the amenities of this room, please visit the 127 Noll Laboratory Conference Room web page. Reservations for this room may be made with Shari Grassi.

Electronics Shops

The Kinesiology Department has two electronics shops:

31 Recreation Building

This shop is used primarily by the researchers in Recreation Bldg. It has two work spaces for construction and a well stocked storeroom. The equipment here is the latest available. Board level designs are completed on site, and when appropriate, are sent off-site for PCB construction.

1 Noll Laboratory

This shop is run by Randy McCullough and is primarily used by the researchers Noll Laboratory. Here, Randy performs system diagnosis, calibration and repair. Of course, Randy maintains a stock of components, performs electronic design and does a little computer repair.

Mechanical Shops

Kinesiology Research has three mechanical design and fabrication shops available to researchers.

40 Recreation Bldg

This shop is run by Denny Ripka. The shop includes a Bridgeport Mill and a 10x40 lathe, both with digital readouts. A multi speed band saw for cutting materials of different densities is augmented by an automatic, low velocity saw for cutting steel and other extremely hard substances. Of course, there are drill presses, table saws, radial arm saws and a variety of other tools to round out the shop.

10 Noll Lab

This shop includes two mills and two lathes. All tools in this shop are calibrated and marked in metric units.

100 Biomechanics Teaching Lab (Water Tower)

This shop is a Bridgeport mill, a South Bend lathe, drill press and other tools. These tools are used to make simple and quick repairs to existing equipment as well as to make some of the more straight-forward parts for Biomechanics research projects.