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The Basic Sciences option emphasizes laboratory research and incorporates knowledge from chemistry, physiology, and physics.

This option usually leads to a career in laboratory research in the pharmaceutical or food industry, government, or academia. Students wishing to enter medicine, dentistry, or other health-related professions or continue to graduate study should check with an adviser for appropriate selection of supporting courses, as early as possible.

Requirements for the Major

(3) NUTR 251 Introductory Principles of Nutrition
(2)*NUTR 358 Assessment of Nutritional Status
(3)*NUTR 445 Nutrient Metabolism I
(3)*NUTR 446 Nutrient Metabolism II
(3)*NUTR 451 Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle
(3)*NUTR 452 Nutritional Aspects of Disease
(3)*NUTR 490W Nutrition Seminar

Related Prescribed Course Requirements

(4) BIOL 110 Basic Concepts & Biodiversity
(4) BIOL 141/142 Physiology/Lab
(4) BIOL 230W Biology: Molecules And Cells
(4)*CHEM 110/111 Chemistry Principles/Lab
(4)*CHEM 112/113 Chemistry Principles/Lab
(3)*CHEM 202 or 210 Organic Chemistry
(3)*CHEM 203 or 212 Organic Chemistry
(4)*PHYS 250 Introductory Physics I
(4)*PHYS 251 Introductory Physics II
(4)*B M B 211/212 Elementary Biochemistry/Lab
(5) MICRB 201/202 Introductory Microbiology/Lab
(4)*STAT 200 Elementary Statistics or (3) 250 Introduction to Biostatistics
(4) MATH 140 Calculus With Analytic Geometry I

Supporting Courses

16 units of supporting with 9 at the 400 leveland no more than 3 units of NUTR 496