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Policy # : 12-01

Effective: February 1, 2012


Section: Operations and Services

Subject: ISS Recycling Program


The purpose of this policy is to prevent the release of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and University Proprietary Information (UPI) to parties outside the system. To also make sure computers are cleared of PSU site licensed software since this software can only be used while conducting University business.


This policy applies to all employees of the College of Health and Human Development. This includes all departments, administrative offices, schools, and research centers.


All computing equipment being disposed of must be processed through Information Systems and Services (ISS). As an employee of the College you need to be aware there are two business units that are responsible for the safe and secure disposition of University computing equipment. They are ISS and Lion Surplus.

ISS is always your first point of contact when disposing of computing equipment. Before you take any other steps down the recycling path you must contact ISS and provide us with the “ISS Tag Number” of the computer and relate your intentions for the equipment.

We will pick the equipment up at your location. Once we receive the equipment and evaluate its condition, we will determine the best course of action based on our analysis and your intentions.

We may conclude that the equipment still has value to the College and should be recycled internally. We will notify you of this and ask that you file a disposition form, following the instructions given in the “HHD Policy/Procedure for the Disposition of Assets” maintained in the College’s Finance Office. You will be transferring the equipment to ISS. At this point your involvement with the process will be over. We will take care of providing the equipment to a deserving unit in the College.

Conversely it may be decided to return the equipment to you and allow you to work with Lion Surplus on a plan for disposition. You would then file a disposition form to transfer the equipment to Lion Surplus. If the equipment is being sold to a University employee you must obtain a fair market value of the equipment from Lion Surplus.

IMPORTANT: Either way the computer’s hard drive must be cleaned by ISS. This ensures that no PII or UPI is being released and that the College is not violating software licensing agreements.

Note: Lion Surplus salvages equipment for the entire University. We send equipment that is of no value to the College to Lion Surplus where they either sell it and return funds to the College or they dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.