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The Faculty Appreciation Award honors a faculty member who actively promotes relationships among students, faculty, staff and alumni above and beyond the demands of his/her job.


Submit a Nomination

Eligibility and Criteria

The Faculty Appreciation Award is presented to one individual annually who actively promotes relationships among students, faculty, staff and alumni above and beyond the demands of her/his job. We need your help in identifying deserving candidates. Nominations will be accepted from peers, students, and HHD Alumni Society board members. Current HHD Alumni Society board members are not eligible to receive this award.

Materials needed for nomination:

1. Nominee name, phone, email, position and length of service. 

2. Describe nominee’s activities that involve building relationships among faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

3. Describe what makes the nominee’s activities outstanding. How has the nominee gone above and beyond the demands of her/his job?

4. Student endorsement of the nominee. If the student is the nominator, additional student endorsements are necessary. Students may write their own letters of support of may sign the nominator’s letter.

Nomination period

Nominations open early October and close early December.

Nominate a deserving faculty member for the Faculty Appreciation Award
Past Recipients icon-olus-circle
2022 A. Catharine Ross, NUTR
2021 Jennifer Agans, RPTM
2020 Mary Dean Coleman Kelly, NUTR
2019 Lynn Parker Klees, NUTR
2018 Maureen Jones, HPA
2017 Patricia Kleban, RPTM
2016 Sherry Corneal, HDFS
2015 Michael Green, NUTR
2014 Meg Small, Prevention Research Center
2013 Peter Bordi, SHM
2012 Sarah Kollat, HDFS
2011 Deb Kerstetter, RPTM
2010 Sharon "Chickie" Krimmel, KINES
2009 Jennifer Crissman Ishler, HDFS
2008 Dennis Shea, HPA
2007 Robert Ricketts, KINES
2006 John Smith, NUTR
2005 Diane Ebken, NURS
2004 none



Faculty/Staff Appreciation Award (prior to split into two awards) icon-olus-circle
2003 Beverly Haushalter, HRIM
2002 Mary Jo Spicer, HD FS
2001 Devon Hegarty, HRIM
2000 Elise Uhring, CSD