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If a student believes an exception to a University Faculty Senate policy or procedure may be warranted, he/she may submit a petition to the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education Subcommittee on Academic Standards. The committee does not grant petitions automatically. Strong, documented justification must be provided to establish the circumstances that warrant a retroactive action.

External Links to University Faculty Senate Petition Information

A petition to a University policy or procedure is separate from working with an adviser/department/college for a course substitution or exception. While not true of all situations, the petition information linked above is typically requested by students who may have missed an important date. To avoid petition requests concerning retroactive actions (which may be denied), please be sure to check the Registar's Academic Calendar and your schedule in LionPATH at the start of every semester.

Repeating Courses

Course Substitutions and Exceptions

Contact your academic advisor to discuss course substitutions and degree exceptions.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Penn State's Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy outlines the federal regulations the Office of Student Aid must follow to monitor student progression toward completion of degree and certificate programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree levels to remain eligible for financial aid. Visit the Faculty Senate website for complete information on the policy and appeal process.