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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
common goal: enriching the lives of others.

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President: Tara Schmidlen '02 (

Past-President: Brittany Hawkins '08 (

Vice President: vacant

Communications Chair: Jenn Dykeman '19 (

Mentoring Chair: Danielle Delligatti '12 (DANIELLEDELLIGATTI@GMAIL.COM)

Social/Professional Chair: Alyssa Thomas '11 (ATHOMAS1771@GMAIL.COM)

Katie Jiunta '10 (
Brady Lucas '18 (

BBH Society Student Representative: Reiley Lonergan (

Appointment Type
Accepting Graduate Students?
Genetic Counseling Assistant in Maternal Fetal Medicine
Summary Statement

Jenn joined the BBH Affiliate Program Group to stay connected in the Penn State community on a professional side and to share my new experiences outside of the College with upcoming graduates. 

  • BBH
CEO and Co-Founder
Pathways Community Living,
Past-President, BBH Affiliate Program Group
Summary Statement

Brittany joined the BBH Affliate Program Group to remain engaged with students, faculty, and staff and as a way to give back to the department.

  • BBH
Research Genetic Counselor
President, BBH Affiliate Program Group
  • APG
Licensed Professional Counselor
Social Chair, BBH Affiliate Program Group
Summary Statement

Alyssa joined the BBH Affiliate Program Group to connect with other BBH alumni.

  • BBH
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
  • Alumni