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The Edith Pitt Chace Award is named in memory of the director of the Penn State home economics program from 1918 to 1937 and honors students who are recognized as both exceptional student leaders and outstanding scholars.

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Eligibility and Criteria

Candidates must:

  1. have at least seventh semester standing at the time of nomination;
  2. demonstrate outstanding scholarship (3.0 or above cumulative grade point average), and;
  3. demonstrate outstanding leadership in the college and The Pennsylvania State University, and;
  4. maintain their full-time enrollment in a major in the College of Health and Human Development.
  5. NOT be graduating before spring semester of the awarding year (May 2024)

Nominating Procedure

The Assistant Director of Alumni Relations will receive the nominations and forward them to the Awards Committee of the HHD Alumni Society Board. Nominations may be made by students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Students may and are encouraged to nominate themselves.

The nomination/self-nomination shall consist of:

  1. Completed online application form 
  2. A rationale of why the nominee should be considered.
  3. Nominee's College of Health and Human Development activities.
  4. Nominee's Penn State activities.
  5. Nominee's community activities. 
  6. Nominee's awards and honors. 
  7. If this is a student self-nomination, the name and email address of one faculty or staff member who could serve as a reference to the selection committee is needed.

Selection Committee

The recipients of this award shall be selected by the Awards Committee of the College of Health and Human Development Alumni Society Board.

The Award

Two students will be considered for the award.  The recipients shall each receive a $1,500 award, which will be applied toward tuition during the current academic year. The recipients will also receive a plaque, which will be presented during the Alumni Society Board's spring board meeting. 





Past Recipients icon-olus-circle

Jenna L. Dehoff, BBH

Caroline T. Graff, KINES


Emma Cladart, NUTR

Clair Leidy, BBH


Abriana Cain

Elizabeth Soucy


Laura Guay

Courtney McDowell


Hannah Ross

Alexandra Wagner


Michael Healy

Grace Mannix


Hannah Yeager


Stephanie Giaretta
Emily Schoettler

Venkata Meka


Nicole Radlow
Abby Michael

Haley Schlechter

2014 Maggie Lamb
Kenya Crawford
2013 Dayanna Reeves
2012 Catherine Hewlett
James Miller
2011 Stephanie Mitchell
Wolfgang Woods
2010 Stephanie Eldred
2009 Mackenzie Shields
2008 Priyanka Biswas
2007 Elizabeth Hahn
2006 Resham Patel
2005 Jennifer Regester
2004 Robyn Ricketts
2003 Jared Melzer
2002 Amanda Mihalko
2001 Annina Catherine Burns
2000 Sarah Ross
1999 Debra A. Baldassano
1998 not known
1997 not known
1996 Erin A. Foley
1995 James Russell Berry and Jason Dietz
1994 Gretchen A. Ketner
1993 not known
1992 Eugene Downey
1991 Jillian M. Piper
1990 Jennifer Fasold
1989 Lisa M. Taylor
1988 Michelle Mikanowicz
1987 Nancy Schnyder
1986 Joanne Ryczak
1985 Anne Barnhart Fulker
1984 Ann Reinhard Schildhammer
1983 Joseph S. Kucher
1982 Ann Hockler
1981 Beth Mincemoyer
Recipients prior to 1981 (listed by graduation year of the recipient, not the year in which the award was presented) icon-olus-circle

1981 Loretta Rieser-Danner, I F S

1979 Diana Kubitsky Fields, HE ED

1978 Cathy Ehrenzeller Dysinger, I F S

1974 Michelle A. Morganosky, MER C

1973 Betsy Hospers Quackenbush, C R S

1972 Susan Rode McLaughlin, I F S

1971 Mary Beth Pastorius, I F S

1970 Susan Lupton Nagy, I F S

1969 Margaret R. Schellin, C S B

1969 Wilma J. Yannerella, I F S

1967 Rebecca Kunkel Jessen McKillican, C S B

1966 Norma Kravitz Greenberg, C S B

1966 Rebecca Walker Mihelcic, CL TX

1965 Laura Smail Sims, I F S

1964 Kaye Kittle Boyer, H EC

1963 V. Sue Henderson Schantz, H EC

1962 Joann Carl Ertel, H EC

1962 Judith Wilson, PH ED

1961 Lurene Jochem Frantz, H EC

1961 Martha Wilson Smith, H EC

1960 Lorna Henry Cardinal, H EC

1960 Helen Skade Hintz, H EC

1959 Alice Beebe Ruffing, H EC

1958 Joan M. Halligan, H EC

1957 Barbara Kulp Gross, H EC

1957 Janet Reid Dierks, H EC

1956 Edith Kriebel Conte, H EC

1954 Jane Albrecht Hawkins, H EC

1953 Gale Grimm Smith, H EC

1952 Jane Strawn Brosius, H EC

1951 Barbara G. Van Sickel, H EC

1950 Martha Reichenbach Horn, H EC