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The Nutrition and Dietetics Alumni Society gives three awards and nominates deserving alumni for College and University wide awards.

Learn more about the different awards and past recipients.

The current nominate period for these awards ends on March 13, 2024.

NDAS Honorary Life Members


Gary Fosmire
Sara Parks
John Miller

Ruth Pike

Helen A. Guthrie


Previous Nutritional Sciences Award Winners

Alumni Recognition Award  
2007 Scott M. Smith `90g NUTR
1996 Gregory Miller, ‘82g, ‘86g NUTR
1993 Adria Rothman Sherman, ‘73g, ‘77g NUTR
1992 Sachiko Pokunaga de St. Jeor ‘80g NUTR
1990 Merle Best ‘61g NUTR


Alumni Service Award  
2020 Clancy Harrison '97 NUTR


Emerging Professional Award - Undergraduate  
2019 Austen Musso '10 NUTR
2017 Joseph Kindler, Ph.D. '12 NUTR
2016 Ryan Burke '13 NUTR
2015 Jessica Testa `10 NUTR/HRIM
2012 Jill Jayne ’04 NUTR
2002 Heidi Schauster Davidson '93 NUTR
2001 Amy Rossi Mobley '96 NUTR
1999 Charles Dreibelbis '94 NUTR


Emerging Professional Award - Graduate  
2020 Samuel Scott '10g NUTR
2014 Sheila Fleischhacker `04g NUTR/IBIS
2012 Matthew Hayes ‘06g NUTR
2008 Kristie J. Lancaster `95g, `00g NUTR
2000 Vikkie Mustad '95g NUTR
1998 Paula Krzemien '85 NUTR, '97g HL ED

Prior to split of undergraduate/graduate awards:

1996 Scott M. Smith '85 SCI, '90g NUTR
1995 Brian Tobin '80, '89g NUTR
1994 Rachel Johnson '74, '91g NUTR
1991 Christine Lewis Taylor '77g, '86g NUTR
1987 Cheryl Bruno Gamber '83 NUTR