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Alexis Crissinger

Alexis Crissinger 

Health Policy and Administration



I'm Alexis Crissinger, a junior at Penn State studying Health Policy and Administration (@pennstatehpa). Together we’re going to explore the ins and outs of my degree, how to navigate the university experience, and any other tips for balancing school, work, and activities!

If you’re a prospective Penn Stater, a parent, or just someone interested in what HPA has to offer, you’re in the right spot! I’ve partnered with the College of Health and Human Development (@pennstatehhd) to bring you this account. College is always new and different—so let’s break it down a bit. Learn something new, reach out, join the discussion, feel welcome.

A few things about me:

  • I am involved in Ohana, a Thon Organization here at Penn State.
  • Friends and New Girl are my absolute favorite shows, followed closely by One Tree Hill.
  • My favorite place to travel to is Wilmington, NC.

I’m so excited you stumbled across this page. Stay tuned for a year of more posts, stories, and highlights!


This initiative highlight’s our HPA major through the eyes of Alexis Crissinger. We encourage you to follow Alexis, comment on posts, ask questions, and even offer to provide your own experience as a student.

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