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This guideline outlines the procedure for requesting Emeritus Status for departing full-time Health and Human Development faculty.

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Emeritus Status is not awarded to all departing faculty as it is a privilege given in recognition of continual exemplary academic service to the University. Please first determine eligibility for Emeritus Status before proceeding with the approval process. Eligibility requirements are outlined in Policy AC25 Emeritus Status. 

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When an academic unit leader chooses to request emeritus status for a faculty member who is separating from the University, the department head or school director sends an email request to Human Resources. The email request should be sent at least 60 days prior to the retirement date and must include:

  • Name of the individual Emeritus Status is being requested for and their current job title
  • Planned date of separation from the university
  • Confirmation that the individual meets the eligibility requirements as outlined in AC25 
  • An attached letter that justifies the appointment commenting on duration and merit of service to the University
  • An updated copy of the faculty member's CV
  • Any privileges the unit wishes to provide beyond the typical Emeritus privileges outlined in Policy AC25
  • If the unit would like to provide office or laboratory space, please first consult with the dean.

Human Resources will review the request to ensure all requested information is included and that the employee meets eligibility requirements. The request will then be forwarded to the Dean for review and approval.

Human Resources will communicate the approval or denial to the requestor.

If approved, the manager, or administrative staff, submitting the Initiate Separation Form in WorkLion must indicate “Yes” in the “Eligible for Emeritus and the Dean has approved the appointment” dropdown field.

After the individual’s separation is processed, the Office of the President will receive a notification of the Emeritus award. A letter and certificate of Emeritus Status is then sent to the faculty member.