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This guideline is intended to assist in determining the classification of full-time staff positions as fixed-term or standing. This guideline applies to full-time staff positions only and is not applicable to full-time faculty positions.


Penn State is moving away from the historical categorization of funding sources as “permanent” and “temporary” with the launch of SIMBA on July 1, 2020 and the new approach to strategic budgeting.

Beginning July 1, 2020, all full-time staff requisitions should be submitted as “standing” unless the funding for the position is substantially tied to time-delimited external funding sources. This applies to all new full-time staff positions regardless if it is a new position or backfilling for a previous incumbent. If you are submitting a requisition to backfill a previous incumbent, please be sure to assess the position type moving forward regardless of the position type of the previous incumbent.

When submitting a requisition, you may choose to utilize the ‘Justification’ box to indicate that the position has been confirmed to be Fixed-Term. It is expected that the submitter of the requisition has correctly confirmed the position type prior to submitting. All Fixed-Term positions should continue to include a statement within the job description indicating the length of the contract and the possibility of extending as had been done previously.

To aid in the determination of whether a requisition should be submitted as fixed-term or standing, please see the following table.


Full-Time Staff Classification

Active requisitions submitted prior to July 1, 2020 will be updated accordingly. Recategorizing the position type will not affect the position’s salary, duties, or responsibilities. At this time, the changes will only affect new staff positions. Phase two, which is taking place throughout the fiscal year, will include a review of current staff positions to recategorize employees as needed.