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The Nutrition and Dietetics Alumni Society gives three awards and nominates deserving alumni for College and University wide awards. Click the links below to learn more about the different awards and past recipients. 

The John E. Smith Outstanding Senior in Nutrition Award icon-olus-circle

The John E. Smith Outstanding Senior in Nutrition is given to a senior majoring in Nutrition, both the science or applied options, who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and service to the community. 

The award is $100 and a plaque, which is awarded at the annual Nutrition Alumni and Student Brunch in early Spring, which will be virtual in 2021. 

Click here for eligibility and criteria

Previous award winners:
2019-20 Marisa Langton
2018-19 Mackenzie Lombardi and Paris Winston
2017-18 Ella Lundquist
2016-17 Emily Schoettler
2015-16 Jennifer Dang
2014-15 Morgan Cooper
2013-14 Charlotte Bahnfleth
2012-13 Katherine Hatfield
2011-12 Ashley Rickard
2010-11 Alyssa Codrick
2009-10 Sara Konczylo
2008-09 Samantha Thompson
2007-08 Rebecca Ferguson
2006-07 Samantha Moro
2005-06 Jennifer Regester
2004-05 Holly Hantz
2003-04 Alexandria Blatt
2002-03 Annina Burns
2001-02 Lacey Wingard
NDAS Future Leader in Nutrition Award icon-olus-circle

The Future Leader in Nutrition Award recognizes a graduate student majoring in Nutritional Sciences who has displayed outstanding leadership (and future leadership potential) throughout their graduate student career including research, community involvement, professional service (both within department and externally), and soft skills surrounding leadership including positively influencing their peers and stakeholders, showing understanding of the broader research and departmental mission, and acting with integrity.

Nominating Procedure
Faculty, staff, and/or alumni can nominate students in the form of a Letter of Recommendation not to exceed 400 words. The Letter of Recommendation should provide concrete examples of how the student has demonstrated outstanding leadership and future leadership potential.

Nominations should be sent to Julie Brenneman ( by December 18, 2020.

Selection Committee
The recipient of this award will be selected by the Nutrition and Dietetics Alumni Society Board of Directors.

The NDAS Future Leader in Nutrition Award will be granted one time per year. The recipient of this award will receive $100, an engraved plaque to be presented  at the NDAS brunch, and recognition on the NDAS website.

Outstanding Nutrition Alumni Award icon-olus-circle

The Nutrition and Dietetics Alumni Society (NDAS) presents an Outstanding Nutrition Alumni Award each year to one alumnus who has distinguished him or herself through contributions to the field, such as publication, service, research, and administration.

Previous award winners:
2020 Laurie Sims
2019 Barbara Kochanowski
2018 Kristie Lancaster
2017 Sandra Schickler Renfro
2016 Regan Bailey
2015 David Frankenfield
2013 Laura Murray-Kolb
2012 Paula Klosterman Leuenberger
2011 Mark McCamish
2009 Shelley Goldberg
2008 Deborah Robison
2007 Idamarie Laquatra
2006 Gregory Miller
2005 W.T. Wu Leung
2004 Rachel Johnson
2003 Brian Tobin
2002 Mary Frances Picciano
2001 Christine Lewis Taylor
2000 Joan Horbiak
NDAS Honorary Life Members icon-olus-circle

Gary Fosmire

Sara Parks

John Milner

Ruth Pike

Helen A. Guthrie

College of Health and Human Development Awards icon-olus-circle
The NDAS board strives to nominate an outstanding Nutritional Sciences alumni for the College's alumni awards.
Criteria include exemplary professional accomplishments and humanitarian service. Current HHD Alumni Society Board members are not eligible. For additional information and a nomination form, please download information here:

Previous Nutritional Sciences award winners:

Alumni Recognition Award
2007 Scott M. Smith `90g NUTR
1996 Gregory Miller, ‘82g, ‘86g NUTR
1993 Adria Rothman Sherman, ‘73g, ‘77g NUTR
1992 Sachiko Pokunaga de St. Jeor ‘80g NUTR
1990 Merle Best ‘61g NUTR
Alumni Service Award
2020 Clancy Harrison`97 NUTR
Emerging Professional Award
2019 Austen Musso '10 NUTR
2017 Joseph Kindler, Ph.D. '12 NUTR
2016 Ryan Burke '13 NUTR
2015 Jessica Testa `10 NUTR/HRIM
2012 Jill Jayne ’04 NUTR
2002 Heidi Schauster Davidson '93 NUTR
2001 Amy Rossi Mobley '96 NUTR
1999 Charles Dreibelbis '94 NUTR
2020 Samuel Scott '10g NUTR
2014 Sheila Fleischhacker `04g NUTR/IBIS
2012 Matthew Hayes ‘06g NUTR
2008 Kristie J. Lancaster `95g, `00g NUTR
2000 Vikkie Mustad '95g NUTR
1998 Paula Krzemien '85 NUTR, '97g HL ED
Prior to split to undergraduate/ graduate awards
1996 Scott M. Smith '85 SCI, '90g NUTR
1995 Brian Tobin '80, '89g NUTR
1994 Rachel Johnson '74, '91g NUTR
1991 Christine Lewis Taylor '77g, '86g NUTR
1987 Cheryl Bruno Gamber '83 NUTR
University-wide Awards icon-olus-circle
Listed below are Nutritional Sciences alumni who have previously won University wide awards. To find out more about those awards, click here
Distinguished Alumni Award:
1992 Avanelle Kirksey ’61g
1990 Janet Wardlaw ’63g
Alumni Fellow Award
2015 Scott M. Smith `90g
2003 Gregory Miller ’82g, ’86g
2002 Joan Horbiak ’77
2000 Eileen Kennedy ’71g
1989 Barry Zoumas ’66g, ’69g
1988 Janet Wardlaw ’63g
1986 Myrtle Brown ’48g H EC, ’57g NUTR